Maria Cristina Jewels are all produced in sterling silver, some of them are gold plated; they are all hand made in Tuscany, absolutely free of nickel; made with hypoallergenic materials, in compliance with the D.L.206-06/09/2005.

Being precious creations made by hand, they have unique characteristics, and imperfections are due to craftsmanship; they demand a few simple precautions, actions of care aimed at preserving their beauty and splendor though time. The normal daily use and external factors such as air humidity, temperature, pollution levels, contact with cosmetics and skin perspiration may reduce the brightness of the silver surfaces. We recommend to minimize the contact of silver jewels with detergents, creams, perfumes and water, especially swimming pool water and hot springs; and direct contact with substance containing alcohol. It is important to polish the surface of each jewel regularly with a soft cloth; in case of extremely worn out products, one may use non-abrasive products generally used for cleaning jewels, but it is important to pay attention to products that contain ammonia, alcohol, acids or chemicals that may be too aggressive. It is also important to store each of them separately in individual bags or boxes, soft and clean, in a dry place.